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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How I Got Through My M.R.I. or Josh "Vicious" and Ativan Rewrite The Sex Pistols

Since I have been having some problems with my eyes, my ophthalmologist wanted me to get and M.R.I. done of it. Because I am semi claustrophobic it took me a little while to get it done. There was even a failed try a little while back.

Today I finally got the M.R.I. done all the way through and even wrote this song in my head (with a little help from Ativan) while taking the test. 

If you are not familiar with the original song, check it out on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes etc 

“M.R.I. “

By Josh "Vicious" Greenbaum (to the tune of “E.M.I.” by the Sex Pistols)

(guitar intro)

I was having problems with my eye. And there was no reason why. 
There were so many possibilities they could name. They said it could be because of my brain . What?

M.R.I. M.R.I. M.R.I.

So many people had this test. Then why was I so anxious and such a mess?
Too many minutes in that tube. My mind is what I might lose. What?

M.R.I. M.R.I M.R.I. 

And certain friends said I have to try. They said if "you don't do it you could die". I tried once but left and it never got done. Never ever never!

(awesome guitar solo)

And you thought that I was a baby. Because of this test I wasn't taking. You do not believe my panic attacks were real. Or you would understand just how I feel

Then my doctor gave me Ativan for a panic cover. He said that if one wasn't enough to 
take another. 
And I took this test of mine. When it was done I was just fine. What --

M.R.I. M.R.I. M.R.I. 

Now I know what's going on with my head. Now I know what's going on with my eye.That was the only reason I had to take an MRI

Problems with my eye (M.R.I.)

No reason why (M.R.I.)

Many Possibilities to name (M.R.I.)

Could it be because my brain? (M.R.I.)

Problems with my eye (M.R.I.)

Hello M.R.I.

Goodbye Cat-Scan

(Yes. I know “baby” and “taking” do not really rhyme”)